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The Center for Educational Adventure is leading three Road Scholar Programs in December 2013.  They are Program # 19020: New Year's in Atlanta, Program # 20693: New Year's in Charleston, and the brand new Program # 21206: Christmas in Charleston.

Check these programs out above or go to www.roadscholar.org for more information.

CEA is operating 6 Road Scholar Programs this week.  They are all great Programs led by great Leaders.  Check them out on our website or go to www.roadscholar.org.  

Program # 12347: Signature City Memphis: Magic on the Mississippi

Program #1381: Great Smoky Mountain Adventure: Appalachian History, Culture, Music and Railways

Program #1384: Island-Hopping Adventure on Three Barrier Islands: St. Simons, Sapelo, Jekyll

Program #19022: The Best of Chattanooga: History, Heritage, River Boats and Mountain Wonders

Program #2181: Biking Exploration on St. Simons and Jekyll Islands

CEA leads 25 Road Scholar participants through the Middlleton Place in Charleston.

Middleton Place Aerial


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"Excellent leader. Whole program was good. I am a new widow and am very pleased about how easy it is to work into a crowd of Road Scholars and be comfortable. Thank you for making that possible."


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